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10 Reasons to Visit Montenegro in 2022


In 2022, we can finally start thinking about traveling again, so if you’re considering your first post-pandemic trip destination, make sure to make it diverse, fun and full of action—just like Montenegro. This little Adriatic gem is still fairly undiscovered, but don’t hesitate to invest in this stunning trip and explore all the riches and blessings of Montenegro. Want to know exactly why you should go there? 

Easy exploration

Thanks to its perfect geographical position, Montenegro is very easy to explore. It’s small, so you can quickly go from one interest point to another, and basically see the whole country by renting a car. Also, Montenegro is easy to reach from all the largest European markets (flights from Belgrade take about 45min, Rome 1:20min, Paris 2:40min, etc.) And if you want to explore the whole Balkan peninsula, Montenegro is a great starting point for your adventure. 

Diverse nature

Even though small, Montenegro is blessed with diverse natural riches. For instance, we have Skadar Lake, a very unique lake that, in different places, even goes below sea level. This lake is heaven for birdwatchers and other flora and fauna lovers (it’s one of the few places in the world where you can see Dalmatian pelican). Next, we have a think rainforest of the Biogradska Gora National Park, one of three of its kind in Europe. Also, there is the stunning Tara River Canyon with 1300 meters of depth. This is the longest canyon in Europe and second-longest in the world—it’s perfect for rafting. And finally, of course, we have the beautiful Adriatic Sea and all the benefits of the blue water, sun and beaches. 

Beautiful beaches

The coast of Montenegro is still fairly hidden from global tourists, so you can truly find peace at the beach. From sandy Budva, over pebbly Kotor to long beaches of Ulcinj, you can opt for any one of 117 beaches stretching over 300 km long coast and have a true beach adventure. 

Best yachting in the region

While we’re on the subject of the sea, you must take up yachting in Montenegro. This is one of the most boat-friendly destinations in Europe, even for beginners. Make sure to start your sailing adventure in Herzeg Novi, and go down to the Bay of Kotor and Porto Montenegro.Kotor Bay offers so many amazing sailing opportunities and you can stop wherever you like and have a full-day land adventure. Finish your sailing trip at the unique mooring offerings in Marina Montenegro where your yacht will be taken care of. 

Fair prices

Montenegro is still the most cost-effective destination in the region. For instance, if you choose to rent a premium studio apartment in Montenegro instead of staying at a lux hotel (especially for longer stays) you can enjoy extra comfort with an affordable price tag. Lux private homes offer more privacy, comfort and even more glamour, so you definitely don’t need a hotel. You can also eat local fast food (which is of more quality than restaurant food in other countries) your money can go a long, long way. 

Many hiking opportunities

When you get tired of the beach and the sea (if that’s even possible), you can strap on your hiking shoes and go exploring the mountains. Over 80% of the country is in fact covered with mountain regions (Montenegro—Crna Gora (local language)-Black Mountain). If you’re looking for hiking recommendations, look no further than Prokletije, Komovi, Durmitor and Rumija. 

Lively clubbing scene

Montenegrins know how to party. No matter if you’re looking for beach parties, open-air clubs or more lux bar options with live music, Budva (AKA Montenegrin Miami) won’t disappoint. Due to warm weather all day long, it’s possible to have beach parties that last for several days. When you get tired, just grab a cocktail and watch people dance—it’s equally entertaining. 

Rich history

Montenegro is packed with history and culture. This small country is passionately dedicated to poetry, dance and music. Kotor might be the center of high culture in Montenegro, but all the other cities, towns and villages have plenty of interesting stories to tell about history, culture, art, myths and legends. 

Interesting cuisine

Balkan food is famous all over the world and known for its hearty ingredients of top quality. Well, Montenegro is a bit different because it’s a coastal country so the fusion of Balkan and Mediterranean food was inevitable. In Montenegro, you can find all sorts of grilled meats (ćevapi, the local meat kebabs are a must-try) but also octopus salad, fish soup and plenty of shellfish dishes. Make sure to try them all! 

Hospitable people

And finally, we have the beautiful, friendly, happy and hospitable people of Montenegro. No matter if you’re staying at the most lux hotel, cheap hostel or a small house owned by locals, you will be safe, relaxed and treated as an honored guest—that is that famous Balkan hospitality. 

What more can a traveler want from a destination? Montenegro will really satisfy your every travel itch with its beautiful beaches, sailing, hiking, cuisine and partying. And the best thing is that you don’t even have to spend that much money! It’s truly a destination to watch out for in the future, so why not visit it in 2022, while it’s still fresh? 

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