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5 Home Office Color and Design Ideas to Make You Feel Motivated


Working from home is the ultimate goal for many, but it does come with its challenges as well. One of the biggest issues people face is being able to mentally leave “home mode” and enter “professional mode” when they’re surrounded by so many distractions, which is possibly why home offices have become so popular in recent years. However, even a dedicated space might not be enough for some to improve focus and efficiency, so here are some wonderful home office color and design ideas that will allow you to create a more motivational and inspiring space:

  1. Focus on creativity

You simply can’t expect to feel motivated in a dull and boring space. When designing your home office, focus on aspects that promote creativity and help to inspire you each day. This could be something as simple as decorating your desk with motivational quotes or even creating a gallery wall of uplifting and encouraging images.

Similarly, an attractive whiteboard or pinboard could help with analog creativity, while tech lovers could benefit from digital help in the form of smart assistants such as Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa to organize their days. For those who get their creative boost when listening to relaxing music, installing a great sound system in a home office could also help with improving motivation.

  1. Incorporate greens

Painting the entire home office in different shades of earthy greens is a growing trend in the US, for instance, and it’s a great option for anyone needing some additional motivation. More subdued greens are often thought to be quite calming and relaxing, as well as helping to boost focus, improve creativity, and offer an overall versatile canvas to work with.

However, such colorful home offices might also be distracting to some. In those instances, green shades can also be incorporated through beautiful potted plants and flower displays, which might help to bring in some fresh air and boost your daily motivation as well.

  1. Try neutral shades

While green might be good for improving focus, neutral colors are the preferred choice for home offices in countries like Australia. Here, individuals often decide to hire experienced house painters from Artarmon to paint their homes in beautiful shades of white, cream, and beige. Offering both consultancy and painting work services, such professionals truly help to ensure a clean, simple, and perfectly painted office.

But the choice of muted neutral colors isn’t accidental either. Australians believe these shades help to minimize distractions and allow them to focus on the important work at hand, which is why these toned-down hues could be an ideal option for anyone needing additional motivation throughout the workday.

  1. Choose fun rugs

In colder areas such as Scandinavia, area rugs are considered to be a perfect addition to neutral hardwood flooring, particularly in a home office. They help to bring more warmth, layers, and dimension into any room, thus allowing it to feel that much more comfortable and inviting.

But area rugs can also be ideal for incorporating more color and pattern into an otherwise clean and simple office, so don’t be afraid to choose a fun rug that will help to inspire you throughout the workday. As rugs have been known to absorb any unnecessary sounds as well, even the more colorful and playful home offices could benefit from a more simple and neutral rug; just choose an option that suits your space and personal preferences the most.

  1. Accessorize well

Rugs aren’t the only way to add some color, pattern, and interest to your home office. The same can also be achieved through intentional accessories. For example, decorative cushions are ideal for adding a pop of impactful color to your space, while warm throw blankets could instantly up your office’s cozy factor.

In the same manner, ottomans can be both practical for resting your feet and effective for incorporating different hues in the room, desk lamps and floor lamps are perfect for improving decor and adding some much-needed work lighting, while accessories like vases, figurines, and other decorative items make for a well-designed and thus more motivational home office.

Working from home can be quite a challenging task, particularly for those who have only recently made the switch. However, there are still ways to stay motivated and productive when working remotely, as long as you design your home office using the helpful tips mentioned above.

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