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Yes, Nice Guys Will Finish Last…For Now


Let me start off by saying this: not all girls are the same.  There are those that do actually mature faster than everyone else like the science textbooks say, and those girls see that nice guys are actually way better than the alternative.  There are those that break the rules and don’t just go for drama and seek attention.  But they are not the norm, sadly.

From what I’ve experienced, the majority of girls aged 15-25 prefer to be with a guy that will treat them like crap, cheat on them, dump them, “take breaks” so they can hook up with that other girl that they’ve been texting, and it baffles me to this day.  I’ve lost out on some really awesome girls in the past simply because I was too nice to them.  They have actually said that to me.  And to the girl that might be reading this that’s saying: “That’s insane!  I would never do something like that to a guy, trust me.”…  You’ve probably done it to someone, whether you realize it or not.  The fact is, girls love drama.  I’m not being sexist, I’m just stating my opinions and these opinions are based on experience.  I’m not just sitting at my computer and hating all the girls that would never go out with me.  This is not a personal vendetta that I have against every single female that I’m hashing out on the Internet for the entire world to see.  This is just me, talking to the nice guys of the world that find their way to this article, saying that it does get better at some point.

The only reason that I know that it does get better is, again, because of my observations.  Nice guys are the ones that girls want to settle down with, to start families with.  There is a maternal instinct that most women have – again, not making a blanket statement – that kicks in at some point and they start to think about slowing down and finding someone that they want to spend the rest of their life with.  They want to have a house and kids and somewhere for them to nest and make their own.  They want to make a home.  Whether they work during the day or not, they still want to have someplace to return to at the end of that work day that they can call a home, and part of that is having a mate that they know will make them comfortable.  Some girls never actually grow up, just like most guys don’t, and they never fully change over from their original thought processes that dominated their thoughts in high school.  However, for the majority of women, they start to realize that if they want to have a life that they can be secure in, they had better find a man that is going to take care of them, love them, compliment them, make thoughtful motions, do things that make the relationship interesting even after years of being together, and so much more.

Nice guys right now make for good friends, shoulders to cry on, and dudes to talk about problems with their boyfriends with.  In the future, we – the nice guys – will be good husbands, fathers, and providers for our families.

So to all you dudes who feel like they’re being left out of the equation, chin up.  There will be brighter days ahead of you.  Women aren’t all evil, they just sometimes take some time to come around.



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