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Have a Memorable Valentines Day with these Unique Cocktails


For Valentines Day, I’m sure you’re all going out to a fancy dinner with your loved ones, significant others, flames, or f*ck buddies. However, since Valentines Day falls on a Saturday this year, I imagine your plans for the evening will also include a little bit of “love potions,” if you will.

So instead of picking up a box of Franzia or heading to a dive bar, why don’t you wow your sweetie with some unique homemade cocktails?

Here are some exciting new Valentines-inspired cocktails from Crown Royal and Piehole Whiskey. Enjoy!

Apple of My Eye



-1.5oz Crown Royal Regal Apple

-4oz Cranberry Juice

Serve in a rocks glass over ice and garnish with apple wedge.


Scorchin Winter Warmer



-1oz Crown Royal Regal Apple

-.5oz Stirrings ginger liqueur

-3 dashes angostura bitters

Add to mug and top with warm apple cider.


Cherry Jubilee



-1.5 oz. Piehole Cherry Pie

-0.25 oz. orange juice

-0.25 oz. grenadine

-1 splash sour mix

Mix together in a glass and serve.

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