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Orphan Barrel Rhetoric: An American Treat


On the 4th of July, most people feel American while drinking a Budweiser. Others prefer an obnoxious red, white, and blue bottle of Svedka…which isn’t even an American company, so get it together!

If you want to feel really American, there’s only one beverage that makes sense: good ol’ Kentucky bourbon whiskey. And this July 4th, I was able to try a truly transcendent taste of bourbon – Orphan Barrel’s limited release Rhetoric whiskey.



This 20 year-old bottle of bliss is a bourbon lover’s dream. BUT you better get your hands on one of these while you can, because Rhetoric is only around for a very limited time. Orphan Barrel’s mission is to find old, forgotten batches of whiskey that have aged to perfection, and as such, the supply is finite.

With a delicious vanilla tinge and a smooth, full finish, you need to get a bottle of Rhetoric now. I guarantee you’ll be feeling more American in no time. And let’s be honest: patriotism doesn’t end on the Fourth of July.


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