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The King’s Eulogy


What is to be said about a man so heavily spoken for? Whether his family, friends or famous reputation; anywhere you go the mention of George Boisson, also known as King, leads to conversations and stories of an impressive legacy. It was the kind of impressive legacy that leads one to believe that perhaps King was not just a nickname but some form of actual royalty.

What can be said about a man so widely respected? The greatest people are always the hardest to honor. Not much can be said that accurately or worthily gives tribute to his life accomplishments. I could talk about all the lives that he has touched with his kind soul and good natured smile, but we all know about that. I could talk about how much he had accomplished in his life time through hard work and persistence, but we all know about that. I could talk about the example he set for his family and friends and even strangers by always being a genuine person and leader, but we all know about that. The last time I saw my grandfather I was at a loss for words, he lay there in the hospital bed, so peaceful, so handsome, so royal; I didn’t know what to say. I knew he could hear me but my mouth would not let me speak. As I stand before you today I would like to take this chance to speak to my grandfather.



Dear Grandpa,

I know you are not sitting here physically but after the miracles that you have showed me, I know you are listening to me right now so pay attention because old man, I have a lot to tell you. I never got the chance to tell you how grateful I was to be called your grandson. You never really were one to allow sappy emotion, every time I tried to tell you I loved you, you would always say “well alright that’s wonderful” and then change the topic. I never felt that there was an absence of love though, as hard as you tried to be tough and not show emotion I know deep down you were a soft caring lover, your eyes and your smile would always give you away old man, the tough exterior never fooled me. Maybe now that you are in heaven watching over me, or right on my shoulder as I navigate through life you could see how much appreciation I have for being your grandson. Everywhere I went people would know me and say “Look, that is King grandson you know,” and I would beam and light up. I loved that people knew we were related and that your reputation extended to me. I always felt like because of you I was born into some royalty. I am not sure what I am going to do now that I can’t call you on the weekends. I would call you at the end of my long weeks when I would be most stressed out and tell you about my week. I would ask you for some advice on what to do about certain situations. I never got any straight forward answers though, I would tell you about how I have been arguing a lot with my mum and you would end up telling me an hour long story about how much cricket has changed since you were a little boy. Or I would tell you that I was having girl problems and you would tell me about the days when bread was ten cents a loaf. And somehow when we got off the phone I would know exactly what to do or exactly how to feel.


This is what you did to people grandpa, everywhere you went and everything you said affected people in some way, sometimes they didn’t understand why or how but after speaking to you they knew something had just gotten better. And I know that by the amount of crying faces I see, and the amount of people rejoicing in the street for your sake, that I do not stand alone with that statement. Grandpa you always looked out for me, you advised me in just about every aspect of my life. I had plans for us, I wanted to write a book with you I was planning to tell you about it when I came home for Christmas. I wanted you to be the best man at my wedding; I guess I should have gotten married a bit sooner. Everything I did was in an attempt to make you proud, the example you set for me and the foundation you built and have now left for me is way more than I can ask for. The way my mother Cindy-Ann looked up to you and looked at you as her rock and pillar of strength has made me one day want to be a father like you were to her. The way she is so strong and decisive, every day I see bits and pieces of you reflected in her and she is the strongest person I know, it shows a lot about what that says about you. The way my Uncle Sheldon only knows how to give tough love and can cheer up anyone with his big lovable smile and charisma, every day I see bits and pieces of you in him and he is one of the strongest people I know, it shows a lot about what that says about you. That is the kind of person you were, anyone who came into contact with you wanted to be a better person, they wanted to be similar to you, to take what they can away from meeting you.


The thought of the shoes I have to now fill overwhelms me but I know that every step of the way you will be right with me, sitting on my shoulder, making sure I be the best that I can be. I never got to tell you in person how much you mean to me and how much I really loved you, and this letter does not even come close, but trust me grandpa I will continue to make you proud and honor you by making sure everything I do is a reflection of that gratitude. I am very sad that you won’t be around to make me laugh and make my friends fresh bread but I do know that you are not suffering and also that grandma is probably very happy to see you again she must have been waiting for so long to hold you again and she finally can. Grandpa I hope you see now how many lives you have touched and changed, how many souls you have uplifted and saved, I know you didn’t like all the intimate, heartfelt stuff and wouldn’t want to hear about it had you been sitting here but now you have no choice but to listen and realize the impact you made. Now that you are more than my grandfather but my guardian angel I know there is nothing I can’t do. I say all of this on behalf of Aunty Melba, Uncle Sheldon and my mother Cindy-Ann as well as anyone else who can relate to the tremendous impact that you made with your time with us. I love you very much grandpa, thank you for everything you have done and will continue to do.



A little bit about my grandpa:

He was born June 3rd 1930, we shared a birthday and every year since I was born we have been together to celebrate it. Being with him was always my favorite gift. I was never too big on birthday celebrations but now I have a reason to celebrate every time. Growing up, my grandfather began to make his own decisions from a very young age. His family wanted him to work on the estates in gardening and he decided that he needed to take a different path. He began to study the craft of being a tailor as an apprentice at the Royal Academy. He was awarded the Governor’s Medal on his way to developing his reputation as one of the best in the land. My grandfather never stopped making his own decisions. At times I believe he made the decision to have me on his birthday, not my mum. I have never seen my grandfather be confused, negative or flustered. He was always in control of any situation. His stubbornness and natural ability to control never stopped even in his final minutes. As we gathered around the hospital bed talking to him, we were all very aware he was listening to us. The doctor told us that his organs would keep him breathing for as long as twenty hours after everything was pulled and the decisions were made. We were just waiting on his oldest daughter Melba to join us and see him before we moved forward. He knew his children were sick with the idea of having to make that decision and so being the man he was, decided on his own when it was time to go. Upon aunty Melba’s arrival when the whole direct family had finally arrived, my grandfather, the legend, the king, decided that it was time for him to make peace with himself and the angels above him and in his own let himself be carried away by the lord. Never before have I met or seen one man so brave, so handsome, so strong even in the face of death. Never before have I met or seen one man like my grandfather; the late, great King George Boisson.


My love

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