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Our Situations of Love

  1. Hopelessly in love with…

    1. Your totally oblivious best friend
    2. Your best friend you probably has you in the friend-zone
    3. Your roommate
    4. Someone who lives a world away
    5. Someone who’s totally out of your league
    6. Someone who’s taken
    7. Your friend’s totally-off-limits boyfriend/girlfriend
    8. That person you’ve been staring at for the past forever
    9. Someone too old for you
    10. Someone too young for you
    11. Your totally dreamy boss/coworker
    12. Your totally dreamy teacher
    13. Someone you just met
    14. Someone you haven’t even met yet
    15. Someone on the Internet
    16. A celebrity who doesn’t know you exist (yet)
    17. A fictional character who doesn’t exist in real life
    18. The concept of love…


  1. Kinda crushing on…

    1. Your best friend from forever… but they can’t know
    2. That person in your friend group, but you don’t want to make things awkward
    3. Your FWB but it’s supposed to remain a casual thing
    4. Your ex…
    5. That friend of a friend you’ve been Facebook stalking
    6. That fling from last summer
    7. The preacher’s daughter
    8. The boy down the street
    9. The girl next door
    10. That rando you’ve been chatting online with for a while
    11. That person across the street who’s kinda cute
    12. That stranger you chatted with on the subway
    13. That bartender who made you a drink the week before last who was totally flirting with you
    14. That person you went home with last week who hasn’t called you back yet


  1. Fucking…

    1. Your friend casually
    2. Your friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend
    3. Your friend’s brother/sister
    4. Your boss
    5. Yourself
    6. A different person every week


  1. Dating…

    1. Your best friend
    2. Your best friend’s ex
    3. The person you’ve been crushing on for the past 389427 decades
    4. More than one person at once
    5. Someone you like
    6. Someone you hate
    7. Eh, it’s whatever
    8. In secret
    9. And unafraid to flaunt it


  1. Married and…

    1. In your honeymoon phase…
    2. In love 5ever!
    3. Already regretting it
    4. Having an affair
    5. Your religion doesn’t allow divorce
    6. With kids so no turning back now
    7. An old married couple


  1. Divorced and…

    1. Relieved
    2. Happy
    3. Hooking up with your ex
    4. Kind of regretting it…
    5. “The jealous ex”
    6. You haven’t moved on yet
    7. Seeing someone else already


  1. Widowed

    1. I’m sorry.

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