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An Artist You Should Know: Ray LaMontagne


For those who only listen to  heavy metal/rap/hardcore stuff, I don’t know how much of this article you’ll want to read. For those who are versatile, keep reading.

Ray LaMontagne, a 41 year-old folk singer/songwriter from New Hampshire has stolen my heart with just one song. I was in the car listening to Sirius Radio a few months ago when a soft, Iron & Wine type of voice came pouring through my speakers. The song is called “Shelter” and came off of his studio album “Trouble,” one of five he has released.

People have compared him to Otis Redding and Van Morrison, with the raspy, soulful tone. When you first listen to his music, you would think that he is very friendly, open romantic. I was rather shocked to find that everything I thought of him was wrong- he keeps to himself and is very private, with his farmhouse, wife and two children.

“You Are the Best Thing,” and “Let It Be Me” are fans top-two favorites, as they have sat on the high list of iTunes and many other music sites. In late April, he released “Supernova,” a breath of fresh air with a different tune. When asked where he gets his inspiration for his music from, LaMontagne replies that most are fictional. His wife, Sarah, has been with him since they were 15 years old and he was married to her before his music career even started. You’d find that hard to believe since various songs of his are names of people or are romantic and “lovey-dovey.” Almost none of his songs relate to his real life. Now, when we find a singer we love, it’s almost because we have some sort of connection with them, right? We think they feel the same way as us, like we aren’t the only crazy ones or the sad ones or the happy ones. It’s a wild thought to know that none of these songs were inspired by his life- very mysterious, but yet still intriguing. That has not changed the way I feel about his music.

Music impacts my life in a really, ginormous way. So why should you listen to him, you ask? His music is one that I listen to now whenever I’m down or even if I’m just on a long drive home. On my way home from watching the sunset this evening, I turned on “Jolene,” and put it on repeat. Nothing is better than good music with a good view. LaMontagnes folk music is the type to listen to on a sunny day where your scenery is tall trees that touch the clouds, or a winding dark road on a Thursday night. He has the voice of an angel, one you wouldn’t mind waking up to in the morning (guys included). Give him a listen, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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