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First Listen: Louis the Child’s “It’s Strange [Nine Lives Remix]”


Anonymity allows a certain degree of freedom, does it not? Free from the bounds and obligations of ego one can explore the whims of creativity apart from fear of criticism or judgment. It’s a dimension the internet age has afforded us. Behind usernames, proxies and guises our wildest fantasies come true. This liberation erases the boundaries whether they be personal, political, or in the amazing case of Soundcloud and other uploading services, sonic. Such an auditory liberation has given birth to a cornucopia of artists previously unheard by the masses thanks to the studio label system. But now as long as you have an internet connection and a craving for new music, you can access the multitude of new and emerging artists. And with nothing more than Garage Band and a fervor to create art, one can get their music out to millions. Enter Nine Lives, an enigmatic essence that emerged from the ether of the internet on a wave of EDM. The teenage duo recently sent out feelers in their trap-inspired, laidback remix of MORTEN’s “Beautiful Heartbeat.  Now they’ve returned from their Tron populated alternate dimension from their reshuffling of Louis The Child’s “It’s Strange,” which seeks to place them more solidly in this realm. Those with a copy of FIFA 16 have already witnessed the ethereal footprint of this track in this dimension.

If you already have an affectation for house but have steered clear of trap thus far, Nine Lives’ remix may be the perfect entry point for you. It seamlessly blends driving electronica with laid-back, accessible trap, opening you up to a realm of EDM left unexplored. Give credit to K. Flay and her rough, bluesy vocals which contrast the instrumentals with winking urgency, carrying the listener through the more esoteric sections of the track with the trailheading ease of Sherpa. She rasps through sauntering basslines, adding a sultry sweetness to the groove.

Though they have only two remixes under their belt, Nine Lives have already established themselves as a talent to watch on EDM’s crowded underground roster. Keep an eye and an ear out for them as 2016 unfolds. The club scene will soon play them on a loop, so be sure to get your fill before the Snowglobe crowd crashes in around their buzz.

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