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Rap Mantras You Need in Your Life Right Now


More than just YOLO, or fuck bitches, get money, here are some rap lines that I’m currently using as my personal mantras, and why you should too.


1. These hoes ain’t loyal (Chris Brown & Lil Wayne, “These Hoes Ain’t Loyal”)– Life isn’t fair, and a lot of the time people won’t treat you the way you treat them. That’s cause these hoes ain’t loyal. Please note, the term ho is not gender specific and both men and women (and non-binary people) can all have ho-ish tendencies. That’s why the sooner you realize these hoes ain’t loyal, the better you can be at determining who to trust and who will fuck you over.


2. It ain’t nothin’ to cut that bitch off (K Camp, “Cut her Off”)– At some point in our lives we all have that one relationship that just sucks the energy out of us. You know the one: the friend who only talks to you or hangs out when you make the plans, the significant other who doesn’t take an interest in your problems, the roommate who never cleans up after themselves. With the exception of the roommate because leases can be a pain to break, eventually you’ve got to recognize the futility in holding onto a relationship that does more harm than good. You just gotta cut that bitch off (again, not gender-specific) like it’s nothin’, and walk away.


3. Everybody’s somebody’s everything, nobody’s nothing (Chance the Rapper, “Everybody’s Something”) – I know it’s kinda corny but c’mon guys. When you’re feeling down and out and like nobody likes you, just remember that to somebody you’re everything. Dawww.  I just wanna bake a cake of rainbows and smiles and we can all eat it and be happy. :3


4. Keep ya head up (Tupac, “Keep Ya Head Up) – I KNOW YOU’RE FED UP LADIES, BUT KEEP YA HEAD UP. Every time one of my friends is having a hard time I’ll post this song on their wall. But it’s important! You gotta keep ya head up! I know, I know, I’m clearly Friend of the Year. You can thank me later.

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