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Sir Elton John Gets Handed a Microwave Instruction Book, Makes Beautiful Music


“Harmoneeeee and Meeeeee, we’re pretty good companeeeeee” might have been Elton John’s best rhyme. Honestly, if you listen to a lot of Elton John, you might realize that not many of his songs rhyme. When you try to sing one of his hit songs for yourself, it comes out with none of the angelic strut that Sir Elton just belted. And you wonder why this is.  Well, it might be because Sir Elton is one of the greatest masters of vocal range of all time. An you’re not.

Years ago – as you can see by Sir Elton’s blue suit and image quality of the video – Sir Elton John was on a talk show when someone claimed that he could sing anything, that his vocal repertoire could cover the pitfalls in non-designed song work. To test the theory, the host pulled out a microwave instruction booklet and handed it to Sir Elton.

As the audience sits and watches, you join them in expecting him to fumble through it. However, once Sir Elton gets going… Well, see for yourself


Boom. Mic Drop.

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