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Three Songs You Should Listen to Right Now!


Looking for some new tunes to stick on a playlist, impress your friends, or find your new favorite band? You’re in luck. Here are three summer jams to rock your weekend!


1. A Sunny Day in Glasgow, “In Love With Useless”

For fans of: Passion Pit, Grimes, Dirty Projectors

Windows down, top up, sunglasses on, hats off. This is the song of the summer for people with ADD.


2. Strand of Oaks, “Same Emotion”

For fans of: Dinosaur Jr., My Morning Jacket

Guitar solos, anthemic lyrics, a wall of sound. This song is custom fit for flannel wearing IPA drinking dudes, but its catchy enough to transcend that stereotype.


3. Lorde, “Tennis Courts”

For fans of: Lorde

“Royals” is going down as one of the Best songs of the 2010s, but we don’t want Lorde to be a one two-hit wonder. Also, it’s about time tennis got its own song.

Enjoy the playlist below:


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