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Being a Wanter Doesn't Make You a Go-Getter


I”m constantly being blindsided by talk. People talk, make promises, and occasionally build empires…in their heads займы онлайн на карту. So many people talk me up. Tell me they”re going to be rich, famous, and successful…then turn around and do nothing about it. People tend to use the phrase “go-getter”, but really all they”re getting is big dreams.

If you really, really want something, you have to go out and get it. Wanting it makes it known, but wanting it only gives you longing. Hell, I wanted a foreign prince to sweep me off casino of my feet…so I went to Switzerland four years ago and casino online found You mobile casino can? marijuana drug test forever, online casino so if your diet plan involves fasting or juicing be sure you?e well educated on what to do to re-enter eating solid foods. me one. Now we”re happily married with two fur children. But come one, THATS a go-getter.

Dreaming isn”t all bad, but I”m starting to get bored of it. Bored of the dreams, the fantasies, the woulda, shoulda coulda”s…


Anything and everything is attainable, we just have to make it happen. So stop dreaming, and DO. Go out and and get what you want (as long as it isn”t illegal). Once you start that push towards getting, you”ll realize that all of your dreams can come to fruition.

Want. Act. Get it. Now.

Brooke Marie is a writer for Writtalin. Brooke is a girl that enjoys the simple things in life. She loves to eat, to drink, and to dance; possibly even at the same time. Her greatest accomplishment is teaching her 4 pound chihuahua to sit, and hopes to promote awareness on the issue of "Road Rage: It's Not Me, It's Your Crappy Driving". Her love of writing, complaining, and all things pink has inspired her to publish her own, personal blog (, and oh, can she babble...on and on and on...