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Come Play! With Janny Jelly


Tired of watching remixed, dubstep cat videos?

Yes. You are.

Well, good news! Janny Jelly is now a permanent fixture of the YouTube-o-sphere, here to offer a demented substitute for your feline video fixation. We had a chance to speak with creator Allie Jennings about the project.

Q: What exactly is Janny Jelly?
A: Janny Jelly is a children’s show for lost adults. In this web series, Janny Jelly hosts a children’s TV show- seemingly similar to classic favorites like Blue’s Clues or Sesame Street — and though she might not have any real friends, Janny’s robot girlfriend, sexually-ambiguous mother, carrier pigeon mail man, and an array of other guests make sure to keep her plenty busy. Through time travel, magical friends, a little bit of murder, and always a song, Janny manages to teach children some of life’s most despicable and misguided lessons.

Q: Lovely. So…why? Just…why?
A: My two fellow producers, Tommy Fleming and Ryan Wagner, tell people that I made this show because I want attention. I disagree. I made this show because I want attention and I want to be famous. I guess I could also say that I wanted to look more closely at the differences in what we teach our children, and the actual complex truths of life that we know as adults. But really I just want attention and to be famous.

Q: So, to clarify…
A: Attention. Lots of attention.

Q: Right. That’s your goal?
A: Yes. Tell your friends to watch Janny Jelly. Then make new friends, and tell them.

Q: And where can we find the…
A: Make new friends and tell them.

The Janny Jelly Official Trailer is available to watch here:

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