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4 Celebrities That Should Be Your Role Models


For someone who wants to be famous, I would say to aspire to be like these people. For those who just need some guidance, take their good actions and kind words as an initiative for you to be a better person.

I am a pop culture fanatic and these 5 people have all shaped the way I look at things; whether its media, fashion, life, or love, they’ve all done something.



1. Matthew McConaughey

This hunk of a man is great for various reasons. One is that he loves people and loves inspiring people. When you hear him speak at award shows, he’s not just speaking, he’s talking to YOU. He doesn’t want what he says to go in one ear and out the other, he wants to be heard. He graduated from the University of Texas with a film degree, so this lets you know he had a direction. McConaughey’s life motto is “just keep living.” If that doesn’t say enough, then I don’t know what does. His words are always of wisdom: “My best quality is that I’m a big hearted person. I’m resilient, too. My worst quality is selfishness, although everyone is guilty of that to an extent. Everyone should be, I think — you need to respect yourself.”



2. Lady Gaga

Given that she is a wild woman, she has some points to her actions. Gaga taught me that it is okay to be who you are. Who you are is enough and it is just right no matter any flaw or imperfection. I know a crazy amount of people who felt that they weren’t perfect or who were just self-conscious that very much appreciated here song “born this way.” You are you and that is amazing. She once said “I feel like if you’re a really good human being, you can try to find something beautiful in every single person, no matter what.” She’s not one to wait around on a guy and cry about him in every song like Taylor Swift (maybe a few, but not all). Gaga know’s she rocks and she doesn’t need anyone to remind her.



3. Angelina Jolie

An award-winning actress, newly married to a hunk of a man (Brad Pitt) Angelina Jolie is a humanitarian that only wants better for the world. In 2001, she was made Goodwill Ambassador for the UN refugee Agency in 2001. She has worked thoroughly in Jordan and Cambodia, along with many other refugees. Jolie travels the world demanding attention towards global issues. She and Brad have three children of their own, and adopted three.



4. Beyoncé

She first came into our world as the lead singer in the pop group “Destiny’s Child.” Now she’s killing the stage and silver screen alone. Some say she was nobody before Jay-Z, but if you are a real fan, you know she was who she is now before he showed up. Beyoncé is an independent woman who has built her own empire with various hits that are off the charts, awards and nominations and more. She avidly helps over 20 charities and organizations. Beyoncé is a co-founder of Chime-For-Change; a platform designed to empower women and girls through education, health and justice.

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