miley cyrus looks like simple jack

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The Best Celebrity Lookalikes


We all know that Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a horse, and there’s plenty of consensus that Taylor Lautner looks like an alpaca. But they aren’t the only celebrities that have some interesting doppelgängers. Here are some of the best celebrity lookalikes you may not have noticed:

Nate Ruess and Lou Lou Who

nate ruess lou who

The lead singer of Fun.  just might have made a cameo in The Grinch.



Ron Perlman and an angry baboon

perlman baboon lookalike

It appears that SAMCRO was being headed up by the missing link.



Marshawn Lynch and Predator

marshawn lynch predator

Not surprising; both of them can go full-on BEASTMODE.



Colin Kaepernick and a proboscis monkey

kaepernick nose monkey

His favorite audible is “banana.”




Lena Dunham and Homer Simpson

lena dunha, homer simpson

Lena stole Homer’s style when she attended the Emmy’s.



Miley Cyrus and Simple Jack

miley cyrus looks like simple jack

The real question here is: who has more suspect mental capabilities?


Lil’ Wayne and this Orc from Lord of the Rings

lil wayne orc lord of the rings

Both think they’re good in battle.



Cher and this dog

cher looks like dog

Not sure who has the more annoying “bark,” either.

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