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My Editor – Captain Dudebro: A Response to XOJane


Writing was always a favorite past time of mine. Reading comprehension was always my highest score when it came to standardized testing, even as a little girl. My thoughts managed to come together in my head and I could articulate them on paper. Needless to say, being a writer was my life-long aspiration, but my life took a few different turns as I enter my late-twenties, I took other roles to pay the bills. Lucky for me, I found a few editors who believed the string of sentences I put together that formed paragraphs to create some type of story were good enough to publish. Captain Dudebro was one of them.


He read an article of mine from a different media outlet and reached out via twitter to find out if I would be interested to write for his growing website. I was flattered and it was at that moment that I truly felt like my writing career was coming together (it’s still a work in progress). We talked on the phone before I agreed, and we discovered we had quite a few things in common, but one major difference was that Captain Dudebro is a dude and I’m a lady. Crazy concept, right?


We are all entitled to our opinion, and we can only go off of personal experience, but many times, we as individuals fail to reflect on ourselves to recognize the root of issues that manifest within our lives.   Did the girl that considered Captain Dudebro sexist ever think she was writing for the wrong audience and that her skills just weren’t a fit for Captain Dudebro’s ship? Science was my worst subject in school, even up to the day that I walked across that stage to collect my college degree; however, if I had the opportunity to write for a science website, I would work my ass off to provide the proper content. From my personal experience, Captain Dudebro gives his writers free range of the topics they want to discuss. As a writer, one would think that considering one’s audience would drive the thought process behind the article.


Without Captain Dudebro, my voice wouldn’t be heard the way it is now- that’s if people besides my friends care to listen. I’ve written about dating, careers, and deeper, emotional topics that only few will truly grasp the concept of because not everyone has experienced the type of pain. In fact, Captain Dudebro texted me after publishing one of my articles to say he was moved by it. It’s his website, and he said that to someone who is just a contributor- a female contributor.


Is Captain Dudebro still learning as his website grows? Sure, but aren’t we all? Do I think he’s sexist? No, just capable of appealing to his target audience who are both young men and women. I have him to thank for sharing my [female] words among the masses. I guess I owe someone else though, the person who gave me the kick in the pants I needed to provide some overdue content for Captain Dudebro.


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