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Five Jennifer Lawrence Quotes to Live By


Despite her recent nip slip, J. Law is probably the realest actress to step into Hollywood within the past few decades. Not just because she knows how to handle a topple at the Oscars, but because she set a realistic role model for women of all ages. I’ll fully admit that I absolutely love this girl. She’s got wit for days, she knows how to laugh at herself, and she can throw the f-bomb without it seeming too vulgar. So in honor of newly leaked confidence, here are some Lawrence quotes to live by…




“Be comfortable. What are you going to do? Be hungry every single day to make other people happy? That’s just dumb.”

Well this one is pretty obvious. The biggest struggle for teenagers and young adults is accepting yourself. There are so many reasons why we doubt ourselves or compare ourselves to other people when we should be embracing what makes us unique. Now obviously I love this quote in particular because I’m a huge foodie. I love everything that is sweeti and really bad for you, but in no way will I ever allow someone’s opinion of me change my love food. It’s just crazy…





 “It’s like, we grow up, and then we get right back into high school.”

It’s called maturing, and sadly not everyone does it. Cliques are meant for Clueless, snarky remarks should be left on the school bus, and name calling should only happen on a game field. Our species is meant to evolve and mature over a life span, but it’s truly sad when you see a 40 year old woman calling another one a  name.





“I was just like, I’m cutting it! And then it was just all gone.”

Be bold. Do what what you want when you want. It’s the benefit of being you; no one can tell you that you can’t.

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