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‘Hello Friends’: The March Madness Drinking Game Is Back


March is a special month. It’s our transition into springtime, and with it comes warmer weather for most of the country. For those in the polar vortex, this warm stuff could not come a moment too soon. But for the next two weeks, let’s return to the great indoors for some special hardwood madness. Whether you attended a division 1 powerhouse or took one class at a community college, we all appreciate the NCAA tournament. It’s the closest thing we have to magic, only it’s real. And so is this March Madness Drinking Game…

 Warning: This list covers a lot, so I suggest you start off easy with a Shock Top or Smirnoff Ice. No? Okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.



  • Jim Nantz returns from a commercial break by saying, “hello friends.”

  • An adult male broadcaster utters the word “Cinderella,” or makes some comment to the effect of a team “finding their slipper at the ball” (I’ve actually heard this before).

  • A lower seed beats a higher seed.

    • -2 sips if a 12 beats a 5
    • -3 sips if a 15 beats a 2
    • -The whole bottle if a 16 beats a 1
  • A mention is made of Kevin Ware (the guy who’s leg snapped in half last year) or he is shown on the bench.

  • A CBS commercial for The Masters appears.

  • Doug McDermott is likened to Larry Bird.

  • Obama gets a pick right.

  • Marcus Smart’s incident with a fan is discussed.

  • Rick Pitino reminds you of Al Pacino.

  • A Duke player slaps the floor.

  • A player easily drives past Jabari Parker.

  • A 1-seed loses before the Sweet 16.

  • Syracuse shocks the world by winning the tournament after their late season collapse.

And drink EVERYTHING you can get your hands on if:

  • Cal Poly beats Wichita State (don’t worry, they won’t).

These are the guidelines. Good luck getting anything productive done over the next few days.

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