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Pocket Pool and Pecker Ponchos: PSAs That Nailed It


I would like to thank Brigham Young University-Idaho for the production of the following video. This inspirational anti-wanking PSA gives us all something to think about.

The video begins with clips of a young man who is apparently “addicted to pornography” (and watches it in the most unnaturally relaxed manner). His roommates know, but really don’t seem to give a shit or find the need to step in, leaving him “spiritually wounded on the battlefield of a great war.”

The video continues with a series of combat scenes, in which our porn-addicted friend plays a fallen soldier who’s been left behind by his comrades. According to the narrator, the wanker’s friends worry that they’ll be considered tattle-tales if they say something about his pocket-pool habit.

Please, watch this touching, climactic video for yourself:

I’m trying to imagine a college-age male approaching a bishop to tell him that his roommate’s been watching RedTube and touching his wiener. . .BYU-Idaho, you probably just lost some applicants.


Of course, as great as the Brigham Young video is, I realize that it’s just one of many truly fantastic PSAs that exist in this world.

Canada has produced a few fantastic ones over the years, like this one, for real sinners–the ones that let other people touch their wieners:

I’ll give it to you, Canada. Venereal diseases have never sounded so beautiful.


And then there’s this Canadian gem, which is actually aimed at children, but applies to all ages, especially in the context of this article.

“Always ask someone you love before you put anything in your mouth” – words to live by.


Finally, India absolutely nailed the safe-sex PSA with this one:

Just in case you were looking for a Halloween costume for this year…Don’t.


Organizations really face a difficult task when trying to create effective sex-related PSAs. Fortunately, even when they fail, they’ve created something worth watching.


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