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Class of ’14: How to Procrastinate AND Become a College Legend


Well, Class of 2014, it’s that time. Only a few more weeks and you’ll be taking selfies in your cap and gown, preparing for post-grad madness, and ignoring all of the shitty speakers at your college graduation. You’ve probably already reached the point at which all of the adults in your life transform into total a-holes, repeatedly asking you about your future plans (Who f*cking knows. You’re graduating–Isn’t that good enough?!) and I’m sure you’ve already read 10 different lists suggesting 100s of things you need to do in order to make the most out of your last few weeks of college.

So, here’s one more.

Sort of.

I’m not going to make you read a bunch of words because you’ve already done enough of that, and let’s be honest, you’re only here to procrastinate. So, here’s what I suggest you do with your final days on campus: Take these guys’ lead and do something legendary (or at least somewhat entertaining):

Have to get some studying done at the library? Make it fun with drinking games:

Didn’t meet the love of your life this year? Why not make one last attempt?

Still didn’t work? You could always try to set up an instant Netflix date:

Or maybe you just want to bring a little joy to all of the people that are trying to de-stress at the gym:

Just so you know, I’m won’t take any responsibility if you get kicked out of school for this stuff, but I still feel like it’s worth a try. After all, you only college once. Enjoy your final few days as a student and make a name for yourself!

Also, check out BigDawsTV or Angry Picnic on YouTube for more entertainment and further procrastination.

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