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Red vs Blue: The Forgotten Series


There’s nothing funnier than parody. Growing up, I had a number of friends who adored the video game Halo like it was their first girlfriend (and in a few cases, it still is). They would wake up in the morning and play, come home from school and play, go to bed and probably still play. Halo was not just a game, it was a culture. It had one of the biggest online communities this side of JDate. It was a legitimate excuse for any young boy not to turn in his homework, or even leave the house. But then Rooster Teeth productions came along and turned this culture on its head.

Every aspect of Halo that attributed to this sort of culture (the guns, intense battles scenes, struggles for flags), is mocked in the web series Red vs Blue. Creator Burnie Burns is the mastermind. He’s taken machinima comedy to another stratosphere. What is machinima you ask? Merely the use of video games in creating cinematic productions. If it sounds boring, it is not. The series is brilliantly well-written to where characters are almost believable, even though the graphics are sooooo 2003 (although later seasons utilize more upgraded versions of Halo).

Right now, some of you are likely saying, “Bro, why are you writing about this ‘ish today? This ‘ish came out like 10 years ago!” And I would respond, “I’m not your bro.”

…Kidding, we are probably related. But the truth is, I was not aware this show existed until one week ago. Although I am late to the party, at least I showed up!

A big reason why this show is fantastic is because it is not geared for gamers, it is for lamers. Yes, people who don’t play video games and actually go outside will still appreciate it. I consider myself to be president of the latter category. So if I say a video game tv show is good, then it must be true. Look for Season 12 to hit the net soon (that’s nerd speak for internet).

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