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Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials Worth 30 Seconds of Your Life


Breakdown of my time spent while the Super Bowl is on during any given year: 50% eating snacks, 40% seriously asking everyone who’ll listen why they don’t just have Beyonce perform for halftime every year, 9% watching the commercials, and 1% pretending to actually watch the game. For those of you who spend your time otherwise (I don’t understand why you would), here’s a recap of the best commercials worth looking up on YouTube.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Plays Ping-Pong for Bud Light

Seriously, watch this. Bud Light took a random non-actor dude and gave him the best, most ridiculously epic day ever. His ping-pong battle with The Terminator himself is getting all of the hype, but his adventures also include personal encounters with twins, supermodels, live, well-known bands, and more. The best part is that guy is SO stoked the entire time. You know genuine glee when you see it, you know?


Puppies for Budweiser

Given how much effort is put into the actual football-playing aspect of the Super Bowl, Sunday has largely been taken over by the complete opposite of burly athletic men: puppies. The Puppy Bowl (yes, that is a real thing and if you didn’t know that, your life is meaningless) found some fierce competition in Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial, which featured an adorable puppy in his quest to be reunited with his horse. If you have a heart, you will love this commercial.


Ellen DeGeneres for Beats Music

While options like Spotify, Pandora, and iTunes have largely dominated the music market for years now, Beats Music is attempting to break into the scene with an app that helps its users find music. With Ellen DeGeneres involved, they might have won the unofficial best Super Bowl commercial contest. Ellen plays a modern day Goldilocks, trying out papa bear’s music (too fast!), mama bear’s (too slow!) and even a teenager bear’s (it’s dubstep – ugh). In the end, Beats Music helps her create the perfect playlist. If for no other reason, check this out for more of Ellen’s sweet dance moves.


Full House Reunion for Dannon’s Oikos Yogurt

While the San Francisco 49ers may have fallen one win short of a Super Bowl appearance, the city was still represented in Dannon’s Full House commercial. Former stars of the show John Stamos, Bob Saget, and Dave Coulier returned to TV screens nationwide for a quick commercial. If you’re in the mood for reunions, the cast of Seinfeld also reunited for a spot.

Tim Tebow for T-Mobile

As a one-time Denver Bronco himself, Tim Tebow always dreamed of making a Super Bowl appearance, and yesterday he did – although not on the field. T-Mobile tapped into Tebow’s lesser-known strengths while he’s not on a football contract. While the clip isn’t as controversial as his highly publicized pro-life commercial in 2010, he does take on other major issues…including tackling Bigfoot.

The Muppets Take On Terry Crews for Toyota

If you don’t already recognize Terry Crews’ name, you’ll know him from his previous roles in White Chicks, Old Spice Commercials, and current Fox sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Fun fact: he’s actually a former Bronco and NFL player himself, serving as a defensive end for the Western Michigan University Broncos before playing for the Los Angeles Rams, San Diego Chargers, Washington Redskins, and Philidelphia Eagles. Now, he takes on the Muppets and a broken-down hippie van in a Toyota commercial. And yes, he does end up shirtless at some point.

Gracie for Cheerios

Cheerios introduced “Gracie,” a popular character with a white mother and black father, to surprisingly mixed reviews. This year, Gracie makes another appearance with a new addition: a baby! Make sure to compare the progression between old and new commercials this year.


The Scarlett Johansson Commercial that was Altered

You’d think that the commercial was too sexy, naked, or scandalous, but no – it was politically incorrect. Who woulda thunk. The commercial features Scarlett Johansson in a little black dress sipping on SodaStream soda, stating “I just love helping people.” SodaStream is a homemade soda-maker. What’s wrong with that? Scarlett has been an ambassador for the non-governmental organization (NGO) Oxfam for over eight years now. Oxfam publicly opposes SodaStream because it runs a factory in a West Bank settlement (an Israeli-occupied territory in land that is historically Palestinian). Oxfam states that businesses “that operate in settlements further the ongoing poverty and denial of rights to the Palestinian communities that we work to support,” in The Washington Post. In response, Scarlett has resigned from her position as ambassador for Oxfam. Whew. The ad also dissed Coke and Pepsi, which caused a separate issue. Yikes. Ultimately, the commercial WAS aired, but changed. You can see the original, “uncensored” version below.

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