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WTF News: The Weed Fairy, Exotic Doo-doo, and More!


Weed Fairy Visits Seattle

Over Memorial Day weekend, the “Weed Fairy” distributed free nuggets of marijuana to people in Seattle. Yeni Sleidi calls herself the Weed Fairy and decided to do this to amuse people and give them a break from their stressful lives. She taped free pot fliers around the city that stated: “These are tough times. Take this weed. And keep your spirits high.” Ba dum tsss.

picture of weed fairy

Sleidi claims she first created the idea when she lived in New York and constantly witnessed stress from the government shutdown.

Now that weed is legal in Washington, Sleidi felt totally comfortable attaching her name to the fairy duties.

I hope wears a green tutu skirt and fairy wings shaped like marijuana leaves when passing out the fliers.

*Weed Fairy

Woman Eats Baby Cow in Less Than 15 Minutes

Okay well she didn’t actually eat a baby cow but it’s basically the same thing in my mind. Professional eating competitor Molly Schuyler smashed the record for  The Big Texan’s 72 ounce steak challenge. Schuyler finished her steak in 4:48 and decided to take on a SECOND 72 ounce steak, finishing in under ten minutes. So if you’re keeping track, that’s 2, 72 ounce steaks. Aka 144 ounces, aka 9lbs in less than 15 minutes. BEAST MODE.

picture of steak

Also if you’re familiar with Travel Channel’s Man Vs. Food, Adam Richman completed this challenge and was proud to finish one steak in 29 minutes. Oh, good for you.

picture of man vs food

So not impressed anymore.

Pit master Tony Love was absolutely blown away. He remarks, “She done set the bar high for everybody so there’s not a male that comes in the door that laughs yeah that’s a challenge to all the males you know what I’m saying? If you can’t eat two then you’ve done nothing you know what I’m saying?” Basically, she just owned the male world.

Schuyler also mentioned that she could have taken-down a third steak dinner. Da-yum girl.


Exotic Animal Poop For Sale

A Michigan Zoo is selling a composted mixture of manure created from exotic animals. I hope the packaging points out it is of the “exotic variety.” The Binder Park Zoo is hosting a “Zoo Doo” event in June. The compost is going for $25 a load to zoo members and $30 for nonmembers.

picture of zoo doo

Apparently it’s a great deal as cow manure sells for $2 or $3 a bag. Not sure what size a “load” is. The zoo does highlight the manure includes doo from zebras, antelopes, giraffes and many others. So, if I were to purchase this compost and use it in my garden, does that mean I’ll have exotic vegetables? Imagine: zebra striped tomatoes and elephant trunk shaped carrots. Someone test this and report back to me please.

He must know how valuable his poop is.

Detailed Map Outlines Literally Every Stereotype

After four and a half months of work, artist Martin Vargic has finished his world map that covers over 1800 stereotypes around the world. The map itself took three months and the labels took another one and a half months. The result is incredible and hilarious. Vargic uses his map to highlight how absurd many of these stereotypes are as he does not agree with them but wanted to world to see what many westerners believe. He claims the map is a stereotype of a stereotype, “it works on preconceptions of a certain type of westerner’s world outlook.” If you decided to purchase this map, it also comes with 6 detailed minimaps: alcohol drinking per capita, cigarettes smoked per capita, average penis size, average breast cup size, average male height and average human weight. So much information, it’s almost overwheleming. But do check out the map as it’s pretty intense and always pretty amusing. Some highlights below as well as a link to Vargic’s website and a bigger resolution of the map.

Website Here!

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