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2014 NBA Playoffs: The Best In Awhile


At the risk of using excessive hyperbole, let me just say… the 2014 NBA Playoffs have been nothing short of scintillating. Aside from the Heat machine and their stompage of the Charlotte Bobcats, every series has been tight. For that matter, nearly every game has been contentious. As of Friday, May 2nd, there are three series going to game 7s. Additionally, we have another three that could easily go the distance (currently at game 6). Bottom line, you need to hang onto your pants, because they could fly off from the sheer excitement of this basketball roller coaster.

Where’s my soapbox? Ok, found it….. So, here’s the thing. I am and have always been an NBA skeptic. Not that I don’t respect their unparalleled skill and ability, but I favor the overall style of college basketball. I love the history and the stakes attached to each college game, which are unfortunately amiss in the NBA. Every arena looks the same, sounds the same, and what is with every stinkin’ team having their fans dress in white during the playoffs??? Another thing that bothers me is the public address announcing. These guys are always loud, obnoxious, and screaming. Coming from an announcing background myself, this utter unprofessionalism annoys me to my core. But alas, I am in an old man rant kind of a mood today. My bad. Time to get back on topic. The point I’m getting at is that, while I’m not usually an NBA fan, these playoffs have invigorated my excitement. It’s been, dare I say, like another helping of March Madness. Here’s hoping the beat continues.

I encourage others to give the playoffs a shot. Reason? It’s great watching a bunch of rich guys dive around the court like mad men, and the sideline microphone catching the occasional “get that s***t out of here!” Ah, yes, what a classy game it is.

The NBA – where an entertaining postseason happens.

Stay tuned.

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