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2015 World Tour Finals: Watch If You Love Legends


Tennis is a young person’s sport. A player’s prime is normally between the ages of 23-27. But the average age of this year’s top 8 men is 29.6 years old. In fact, there’s only a single man under the age of 28. So with the 2015 race to London featuring so many veterans, does the tournament really mean anything for the younger players of the ATP as we move towards next season? The answer is a resounding no. Instead, it’s for the fans.


When you think about this year’s tournament, the saying ‘more of the same’ comes to mind. But more of the same isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Especially when the top level of today’s game is better than ever. Let’s take this opportunity to appreciate what we’ve got, before it’s too late. The top 8 never seem to change, but soon they will. And just as quickly as they rose through the ranks, they will suddenly be gone. Retired, succeeded by the next crop of talent. The group which includes Federer, Djokovic, Nadal, Berdych, and don’t forget about Ferrer, is a special one.

Since 2004, they have won every Masters 1000 event, and nearly every grand slam (except for a stray Wawrinka or Del Potro win here and there). How many times has this happened throughout the sport’s history? Will we ever see such dominance again? That alone should make you want to watch the 2015 World Tour Finals.

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