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NFL Week 3: The Plot Thickens


Teams, I see you.

We’re beginning to notice who came to play this season and who’s pining for a top draft pick in 2015. So without further ado, here are my 3 biggest surprises of the early season.



3. Atlanta Falcons

The Bucs might be terrible, but they are still an NFL team. For Atlanta to demolish them 56-14 on Thursday night was nothing short of spectacular, and hints at the season to come.

It was a night of high octane offense for the Falcons, but the moment of the weekend came after the game with the fatherly embrace of Deion Sanders for Devin Hester.

Hester, having just broken Sanders’ special teams touchdown record, expressed a deep fondness for Deion. After all, he had mentored Hester throughout his college years.

“You’ve always been there for me, and I look up to you,” said Hester with a look of gratitude as Sanders dished out some tears of joy.



2. San Diego Chargers

The Bolts are always a crapshoot. Just because they played well at the end of last season, it didn’t guarantee a hot start for 2014.

But San Diego has won their last 2 games in impressive fashion. Looks can be deceiving, but they’ve appeared to have finally assembled a complete team. Rivers is aiming for a Pro Bowl appearance and the defense is drastically exceeding expectations.

How high will the Chargers rise? As long as they play Denver twice a year, probably not too high. But they have surprised us before.



1. Arizona Cardinals

Last season was a positive sign of things to come for the Cardinals. Despite playing in the toughest division, Arizona is proving they can dominate.

A 3-0 start, capped by a huge win against divisional foe San Francisco, solidified the notion that this is a team who will contend.

As we enter Week 4, the plot will only thicken some more.

Thank you, that was supposed to rhyme.

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