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Posted On April 29, 2014By Kelsey DarlingIn Lifestyle, Manzone

The ABCs of Being an Almost-Adult

All your friends are getting married Bills Committed relationship (with your student loans) Debt Exploring and traveling Fading out of old friendships Grocery shopping for one Hangovers Interviews Juggling multiple part-time jobs with your fancy college degree Keeping in touch with friends that are worth it Learning how to pretend Morning-after pills New cities, new people One-night stands Pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner Quitting jobs that don’t deserve you Realizing how cool your family is Scheduling your own appointments Taxes Unemployment Villainous bosses Whiskey is the new vodka cranberryRead More
1. You’ll learn to erase the word “embarrassment” from your vocabulary. Greatness and embarrassment are closely connected. If you aren’t willing to be vulnerable and take risks, you’ll never meet your full potential.   2. You’ll discover your non-negotiables.  We’ve all grown up being told that acting selfishly is not okay, but when it comes to your personal and professional life, sometimes it is. Each of us will learn that there are certain things that we just aren’t willing to put up with. And that’s fine. Realizing your non-negotiables willRead More
1. All of your friends are getting married. All of your friends are wild and single. You can’t win. You feel surrounded by the friends who, a) got married so young that you question why you aren’t getting married, or, b) by friends who are so ambitiously single that you question the relationship you are in. 2. You have money, but not a lot of money. You’re out of college and making some dollars. But those dollars run out scary fast when you start shopping for two. Plus, life insurance,Read More