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10 Quick Reasons Why Dating In Your 20s Can Be Stressful


1. All of your friends are getting married. All of your friends are wild and single.

You can’t win. You feel surrounded by the friends who, a) got married so young that you question why you aren’t getting married, or, b) by friends who are so ambitiously single that you question the relationship you are in.

2. You have money, but not a lot of money.

You’re out of college and making some dollars. But those dollars run out scary fast when you start shopping for two. Plus, life insurance, car payments, rent, etc. It all adds up.

How you feel on most dates.

How you feel on most dates.


4. You feel like you should grow up, but don’t know how.

Your plate set doesn’t match and you don’t get why the coffee cup your ex gave you in college is a big deal.


5. You spend every night at your place or at her place.

It makes all the sense to move in together, but how soon is too soon to make it “our” place?


6. You are still your own number one.

Relationships take sacrifice that you might not be ready to make. In your 20s, you love yourself and might realize that your relationship is not a means to an end.


7. Location matters.

You live here. She lives there. Opportunities come up in all sorts of places and neither in the relationship is settled.


There are ways to help with location problems, though.

There are ways to help with location problems, though.


8. Meeting parents when you’re getting on your feet is much harder than meeting parents once you’re on your feet.

Being “between jobs” is something Dad won’t understand.

9. Chivalry in a time of equality.

There is a good chance one of you is making far more money than the other. Money shouldn’t matter, but it does.

10. There is a quantity of quality.

Obviously there are lots of other fish in the sea, or bodies in the gym. In your 20s, when everything is high and tight, everything looks good. But, more importantly, everything looks temptingly attainable.


Everything looks good in your 20s.

Everything looks good in your 20s.




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