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Posted On September 26, 2014By Karen HuaIn Buzzworthy, The Scene

Universal College Bucketlist

Regardless of which college you attend, these are 16 must-do’s to put on your bucketlist. College is called the best four years of our lives for a reason—but it’s also such a short time we must take advantage of. Not only are the academic opportunities plentiful, but the callings for adventure are, as well. With greater independence and freedom, this is our chance to explore beyond our comfort zones and discover every facet of ourselves. Good luck!   1. Attend a sporting event Regardless of whether your school is aRead More

Posted On August 30, 2014By Julia FuinoIn Girlzone, Lifestyle

36 Signs That You Were in a Sorority

For all of those either currently in, or recently graduated from all that is Greek, you might relate to a few of these. Also feel free to hate mail me if you disagree.     1. You immediately get defensive when you hear the question, “So you pay for your friends?” And you probably respond with something like, “So you pay for cover?”   2. You have at least three iTunes playlists with titles like, “Pregame,” “Rager,” “Darty-ing,” and “Amurrica.”   3. You’re comfortable with putting things in Greek alphabeticalRead More
With autumn just around the corner, universities will soon be back in session. Freshman will be clinging to schedules and seniors begin to count down the days until graduation. With all the hubbub happening I’ve started to think back on my own freshman experience, or lack thereof.  Dear Future College Student, Certain kinds of colleges have been created for certain kinds of students. That is something high schools tell you, but most of their information does not take into account personal experience. Much of their literature talks about where toRead More