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36 Signs That You Were in a Sorority


For all of those either currently in, or recently graduated from all that is Greek, you might relate to a few of these. Also feel free to hate mail me if you disagree.



1. You immediately get defensive when you hear the question, “So you pay for your friends?” And you probably respond with something like, “So you pay for cover?”


2. You have at least three iTunes playlists with titles like, “Pregame,” “Rager,” “Darty-ing,” and “Amurrica.”


3. You’re comfortable with putting things in Greek alphabetical order. Backwards? Child’s play.


4. You didn’t know who Lilly Pulitzer was five years ago, but now she’s somehow your cover photo on Facebook, and you have at least two of her planners.


5. Diet Coke is a food group, anything Pepsi-related might as well be the red-headed step child of soft drinks.


6. Charity events are a good excuse for drinking — like everything else.


7. Target bras for the party, Victoria’s Secret bras for after the party.


8. You finally know how to pose for pictures: squatting, bent arm, and chin down.


9. The majority of men you’ve met in college don’t have a last name in your phone, but rather a fraternal surname. “Chris Sig Chi.”


10. You aren’t comfortable waking up to peace and quiet on a Saturday. Where’s the music?


11. You always have someone to study with.


12. If you could categorize your friends on Facebook, you’d have at least a fifteen person group of  “friends met in bathrooms.”


13. By the time you reach 22, you have at least three children.


14. And they’re all perfect.


15. Hot chocolate is a recruitment standard.


16. Recruitment is a two week period during which one undergoes more emotions than pregnancy, PMS, and big/little week combined.


17. You anticipate contracting some kind of cold plague at its completion, as well as a loss of vocal chords due to excessive scream/singing and crying.


18. You have one drawer dedicated to sorority shirts.


19. And one for acquired fraternity shirts.


20. Can I monogram this?


21. You buy two of everything. One for you, one for little.


22. You don’t need to ask your rush crush any questions because you’ve stalked her whole life before shaking her hand.


23. Norts, letters tee, and sneakers: standard gym attire.


24. You don’t remember the last time you wore jeans.


25. You have mixed emotions on chapter. “I hate this. It’s Sunday. I have so much work to do. Oh, but I have a cute new black dress. I love my sisters. That was so productive. What a great time. And now we’re singing. I love my house! I have so much work to do. Why is this taking so long?”


26. You have a designated photog of your friend group. “I don’t take the photos, I’m just in them.” Ok, Regina.


27. And you’re thankful for her every morning after. “What. The. F***. happened last night?”


28. You don’t understand how Michael’s, Jo-Ann Fabrics, or A.C. Moore are successfully functioning establishments when school is out.


29. You’ve probably gotten your latest internship through someone in your house. See, Mom and Dad!


30. You don’t know the real words to childhood jingles because they’re masked by your sorority recruitment lyrics.


31. You keep questionable guy around — just until formal.


32. You came, you played, you drank, you got the free t-shirt.


33. To craft: a verb.


34. You base your entire weekend on the social e-mail.


35. 75% of your inbox is listserv


36. And ignored.

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