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Posted On April 19, 2014By Kelsey DarlingIn Dating For Women, Girlzone

Dating Without Sex: What It’s Like

Remember middle school boyfriends?  It’s just like that only no braces, better clothes and communication, and more confidence. He’s not asexual.  He’s not a virgin or a priest. He’s Mormon. I’m dating a Mormon. What does that mean?  Well, like other unfun religions, Mormons do not endorse premarital sex.  So that leaves us with a few choices.  We could get married, break the rules, or not have sex.  Since marriage is forever and breaking the rules would mean going against his beliefs, one of us chose the Not Having SexRead More
We think about it every day.  Total strangers pass us on the street and we think maybe they could be the  one – or at least wonder what it would be like to kiss them. Thanks to filmmaker Tatia Pilieva, we don’t have to wonder anymore.  Her short film First Kiss took the internet by storm last night, featuring twenty strangers in gorgeously simplistic black and white making the instant jump to first base.  Moments after meeting, each “couple” was asked to engage in a little game of tonsil hockey.  As you canRead More