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Posted On September 4, 2014By Kelsey DarlingIn Miscellaneous, Ramblings

Doing Time For My Library Fine

As it happened, I somehow lost my San Diego library card.  This was a personal tragedy on account of I had memorized that sucker of a sequence–all 14 numbers (which is more than some people have memorized pi, I would like to point out)–in order to quickly and easily navigate the wonders of online requesting. Online requesting was the most genius thing the library ever did for lazy people.  I can search through the entire county’s collections online and click a button that tells the librarian to go pick outRead More
Early today I greedily left my local library with a stack of 6 books feeling like I just won the lottery. Why? Because I took 6 books, FOR FREE. I know everyone is stoked on the Amazon Prime train with free 2-day shipping but come on, those books are pricey. Too pricey, in fact, for my young adult bank account to keep up with my reading obsession. Let me outline some important points that I’m sure will convince you to run to your local library and get a card rightRead More