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If You Don’t Have a Library Card, You’re Doing it Wrong


Early today I greedily left my local library with a stack of 6 books feeling like I just won the lottery. Why? Because I took 6 books, FOR FREE.


I know everyone is stoked on the Amazon Prime train with free 2-day shipping but come on, those books are pricey. Too pricey, in fact, for my young adult bank account to keep up with my reading obsession. Let me outline some important points that I’m sure will convince you to run to your local library and get a card right now. For free.



1. Library cards are free.

Yes. FREE. All you have to do is sign up, give your name and prove you’re a local resident. Then you literally get a key to heaven. Did you know most libraries are hip and even have DVDs? Well, now you do. Go explore young grasshopper.


2. Libraries give things away, for free.

Last summer my local library had a summer reading contest. Every time I finished a book I was given a gift certificate to a chocolate store. EVERY. TIME. There was also a raffle for some other bigger items but I just won more chocolate. Not upset. They also host arts and crafts nights, knitting classes, sudoku workshops, etc. I know you’ve been wanting a popsicle stick birdhouse for your front lawn, don’t lie. Everyone should have more hobbies. Go learn some, for FREE.

RIP Bob Ross and his little happy trees and clouds.

3. Libraries have books on tape.

If you’ve never heard a book on tape please stop reading and go listen to the 1st Harry Potter on tape. I’m not sure if it was the version I had or not, but the speaker changed his voice for each character. I totally felt 6 again like I was listening to my 1st grade teacher reading to me after recess. Sorry but I miss those days.

Take me back!

The only thing books on tape are missing are the fantastic illustrations to go along with the story. But seriously. The next time you need to drive 6 hours or get stuck in traffic, pop in a book on tape.


4. Libraries are going digital.

I’m an avid Kindle reader, and when my library started loaning out books via the internet, I squealed. This is perfect if you’re lazy and don’t want to get off your couch or you just don’t want to be seen in public. Log online and rent a book for your Kindle, iPad, computer, etc instantly. Oh did I mention it’s free? Yep.


5. Libraries help you learn.

There are books on just about anything you can imagine. I encourage you to stroll up and down the nonfiction aisle and I promise you’ll be entertained. Think of a topic you want to learn more about and I bet you’ll find 4-5 books on it, no matter how obscure you think it is.

I know most of you are lazy and use Wikipedia, but who knows how accurate that is. Plus reading on a computer screen is bad for your eyes. Holding a real book in your hands feels way better. Especially when it’s from the library and has that crinkly clear wrapping on it. I love that sound.


So there you have it. Libraries are absolutely amazing and it kills me that people are forgetting about them. Go on, Google your closest library and have a ball. Even if you don’t read, go people watch. Or stare at the fish tank. I promise you won’t regret it!

Arthur is so right.

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