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Posted On June 6, 2014By Matt "Dotty" DotterweichIn Miscellaneous

The Power of Being A Victim

A Self-Help Essay By Dotty Getting robbed is a scary thing and your first reaction is to comply with everything your assailant is demanding. I believe all of us who have been a victim of robbery in a foreign country can relate. In the moments afterward you feel helpless, victimized, and are discouraged by thoughts of having to continue. I vowed from that day forward, if I was ever robbed again, I would be in-control of the situation. Therefore, after months of research, I came up with a method thatRead More

Posted On March 3, 2014By Hilary FitzgeraldIn Buzzworthy, Movies

The Academy Awards: Stop Judging and Pay Attention

When I was a kid, my mom always knew to save the newspaper the day after the Academy Awards. It was my prized possession; pieces of paper documenting all of the happenings of the night before—opinions on the dresses, the dates, the scandals, the letdowns, the surprises, the not-so-surprises. There was always a splash of judgment across the media, claiming what went wrong that year. But for me, it was the memory of who stood there on stage, in front of their peers expressing sheer gratitude of acknowledgement. Year afterRead More