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Fashion-Forward Gifts Your Most Stylish Friend Will Love


Shopping for your most fashionable friend can be an incredibly difficult task, as they already appear to have everything they could possibly need, with a specific and refined taste you simply aren’t sure you could ever get just right. What’s more, in a year filled with restrictive measures, lockdowns and shop closures, you might not be able to spend a whole day scouring shopping centres in order to find that perfect present as you used to in the past. 

Thankfully, we have searched the internet in an effort to find the most fashion-forward products you can buy online, and have compiled a list of the best gift ideas your stylish friend is bound to love:

Luxury handbags

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Undoubtedly, the ideal present every fashionable girl dreams of is a classic designer handbag that perfectly complements any outfit, while never going out of style. And with newer platforms such as Farfetch and Net-a-Porter popping up, you can now effortlessly find luxury goods online, without having to enter a physical shop at all. However, a high-end handbag might not exactly suit everyone’s budget. In that case, a wonderful alternative could also be a designer purse, for instance, which will allow your stylish friend to get a taste of luxury, without having to break the bank.

Stylish face masks

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While the regular, bright blue face mask might be more than enough for some, any fashionista would certainly want even the necessary accessory to match their trendy outfits perfectly. For that reason, it could be a wonderful idea to gift your friend a set of stylish cloth face masks that you could easily find online. Not only are they eco-friendly, practical and absolutely necessary this year, interesting and beautifully designed masks can also serve as a statement-making accessory on their own, being the ideal addition to your fashionable friend’s wardrobe.

Cosy jumpers

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Due to the unforeseen circumstances, dressing this year has mostly revolved around feeling as comfortable as possible. And with winter right around the corner, what better way to surprise a stylish friend than with a warm and cosy jumper that’s as beautiful as it is practical? Thankfully, fashionable knits can be found in any cut, shade and print imaginable in many online stores, from high street shops to luxury retailers. Even if delivery from such shops isn’t available in your region, gorgeous jumpers can also be found on other platforms like the convenient Shoppster website, where you can find the perfect gift and have it delivered at your door just in time to surprise your dear friend.

Basic trainers

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Every stylish person knows that a pair of classic, basic trainers in black or white is a staple item everyone should have in their wardrobe. And even if your friend already owns a pair of plain trainers, versatility never truly hurt any fashionista. So, make it a point to look through some popular sports brands’ websites such as Nike or Adidas, or even opt for multi-brand retailers. All of them will most likely carry a number of options for classic trainers; you just need to find an ideal pair for your fashionable friend.

Dainty jewellery

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Being the essential accessories for completing any outfit, jewellery pieces are a present every stylish person is bound to enjoy. However, as trends are passing and jewellery can also be quite a personal choice, it’s always advised to go for more versatile, simplistic and dainty pieces, rather than bold, oversized jewellery, especially if you plan on investing in this gift. Look at brands like Pandora for a more affordable option, or Mejuri for a higher-end choice, as they’re both known for minimal yet beautiful jewellery items that you could easily shop online. Your stylish friend will undoubtedly love such a thoughtful and personal present.

Sexy lingerie

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Your most fashionable friend will know that even their underwear should be comfortable and cute, even if they’re the only ones enjoying it. And during the year most of us spent lounging at home in sweatshirts and tights, your friend might need to feel a bit of sexiness and confidence now more than ever. So, why not scour the web, from Victoria’s Secret to Savage X Fenty, and find adorable lingerie set your friend will absolutely love? Although unexpected, such a present is bound to bring a smile to her face.

From cosy knits to the most luxurious accessories, the option for stylish gifts available online are truly endless; all you have to do is choose the best present your fashionable friend will love and cherish the most.

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