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Jade Roper is Miss April!


Jade Elizabeth Roper is our CoverGirl for April 2014. We first brought this Midwestern beauty to your attention when we featured her as a #WCW last month, but we just can’t get enough Jade – can you really blame us?

We’re pretty damn sure you won’t be able to get enough either. Learn a little more about Jade below, and then, of course, see some exclusive photos; Jade is so gorgeous that we just had to include some extra photos this month.

Oh, and unless you hate beautiful women, you should probably follow her on Twitter and Instagram. It’s the right thing to do.

-Jade Elizabeth Roper-

Height? 5′ 4”

Weight? 109

Natural Hair Color? Dark Brown

Measurements? 32D-­24-­36

Single or Taken? Single


How would you pick yourself up at a bar? If you’re just natural and down to earth in conversation. Smiling and making me smile will grab my attention.

Where would you go for a perfect Spring Break? Panama City.

Who’s your pick to win the NCAA Tournament? I’m a midwest girl, so I’m going for Wisconsin.


Tell us something most people don’t know about you: I can belly dance.


Ideal first date? I really love the idea of something playful like putt-putt (miniature) golf. Something fun, easy going and allows for some laughs and a little good ol’ competition. Be a gentleman and still offer me your coat when it gets chilly and you’ve scored brownie points.


What is one thing you spend way too much money on? My dog. I love buying her news toys and treats, she’s the best.


What song should a man serenade you with if he wants to win your heart?  Any romantic song from Otis Redding.


Nothing is sexier than a man that can ____________ (fill in the blank)  Work the room. I love charisma.


Tell us what YOU think your best quality is, physical or otherwise.  My smile, I’m almost always smiling.


What is the most important quality in a man?  Trust. If you trust me, it opens up all the potential for a great relationship.


Most played song in your iTunes library?  Right now, Morning by Beck. It’s my favorite to play with a cup of coffee as I’m reading emails in the morning.


Alcoholic beverage of choice? Jameson and Ginger


If you had to eat the same meal every day, what would it be?  I don’t think I would get bored eating avocados everyday. I love them.

And now for those photos we promised:

















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