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BREAKING: Miley Cyrus Sex Tape Leaked!


BREAKING NEWS: Miley Cyrus and her man-du-jour, Olympic freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy, had a huge falling out yesterday. Details aren’t clear yet, but several sources are reporting that the couple had a major disagreement, which led to Kenworthy doing the unthinkable: releasing the couple’s sex tape online.

Kenworthy, posting under the Reddit handle gusskies19, posted a link to the tape under r/IAmA yesterday evening. As is standard policy, Reddit administrators removed the link and the thread due to its questionable content after only three minutes. Furthermore, the site on which the video was hosted removed the tape within the hour, due to requests from Miley’s representatives. However, Writtalin, along with several other notable sites, was able to get a hold of the tape before it was taken down. We’re still in the process of securing our legal rights to distribute the tape, and in any case, we try to run a safe-for-work website, but after checking with legal counsel, we’ve been advised that we are entitled to run this brief, safe-for-work preview of the sex tape.

Please do not reproduce or distribute this content without our express permission, as very, very few places on the web have been able to access this NEVER BEFORE SEEN, EXCLUSIVE footage.

Take a look and wait for the scandal to begin!

See Writtalin’s exclusive footage of the Miley Cyrus sex tape below:

Oh, yeah. This is totally made up. April Fools.

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