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#WCW: Lili Simmons


-Lili Simmons-

Twitter: @Liliflower33

Instagram: liliflower33

Known for: Starring in Banshee on Cinemax; being a sexy seductress in HBO’s True Detective.

-Okay, so I recently binged the whole first season of HBO’s incredible series, True Detective, and let me say – the show’s sexy women are worth the price of admission, even if you don’t like the show itself (which is impossible, the entire series is AMAZING). So, all week long I’ve been debating which gorgeous girl from True Detective to feature here: Alexandra Daddario, Lili Simmons, or the wild card, Erin Moriarty. Definitely could not have gone wrong with any of these three hotties, but if you’re looking for a girl to brighten your weekday mornings with her incredible Instagram pictures, Lili Simmons takes the cake. This up-and-coming actress isn’t a household name yet, but her name should be spoken in the homes of men everywhere, as of this minute. If you’ve seen True Detective, you’ve already seen PLENTY of Lili in her role as Beth, a prostitute-turned-homewrecker…but that’s not nearly enough. Lili deserves a following much greater than her current 6,000 followers on Instagram. After seeing the photos below, I have a feeling you’ll add to her number…






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