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3 Things You Learn in High School Band


In my high school, band kids were nerdy. We were great at what we did, winning marching and concert contests every year, but we were nerdy. We stuck in our own little cliques, formed in 5th and 6th grade when we chose our instruments and started out, and still today I feel like I am connected to the people I met through band, at least in some way. I still follow them on facebook, and several of them, my closest friends, I still see and talk to on a regular basis. Perhaps it was because of how accomplished our band program was, or how cliquey our high school was, but it was impossible for us to not be close. I learned other things as well, of course. Here’s an example of a few.

1. Loyalty

The friends you make in band are friends you will have for life. You may not always keep close, or keep in constant touch, but once you see them, no matter how long it’s been, you know it’ll be as if no time has passed. The inside jokes and nostalgia will start immediately, and you’ll be walking at 120 beats per minute in no time.


2. Love of Music

Being in a concert band, you kind of have to develop a love of classical music; when it’s all you think about for a good chunk of your day, every day, it just happens. This love often accompanies a very specific opinion on composers, especially those whose music you’ve played. I still harbor a grudge against Karl King (if you’re a fellow baritone player, you’ll know exactly why.) For many, this also translates to a love of music of all types. Being able to play an instrument gives you a new appreciation for talented musicians across genres, and across the globe.


3. Culture

Band kids, as I’ve previously stated, stick together. Even now, at twenty-three, I know that if I meet someone who was a fellow high school band geek, I know there will be a conversation there. By the simple virtue of band, I can form an opinion on whomever I meet (often depending on what type of marching band theirs was, or even what instrument they played).

In short, band geeks form an exclusive club. Easy to get into, hard to get out.

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