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7 Ways to Motivate Yourself Right Now


I have always been an advocate for self-motivation; whether it is reading Self Magazine or the do-it-yourself handbooks you get from your local bookstore. I have a firm belief that if you can’t help yourself, than nobody can help you…and if you can’t make yourself happy, then who can you make happy?

I am fresh out of my freshman year of college and I already have 3 writing jobs, my own website and 2 jobs outside of that. Where would I have been without motivation, right? I have learned to better myself along this journey of success, and here are 10 ways you can motivate yourself at this very moment:

1. Open up a Pinterest or Tumblr account and post pictures of your dream life, things you think you can and cannot achieve (mind you, you can achieve anything).

2. Google, Google, Google. Look into things you want to accomplish- a new job for example. Look up requirements or skills you should have. Get on ’em.

3. Talk to someone. When you share your aspirations with someone who cares about you, it makes you feel like you will get there someday. Talking it up will give you the confidence and push you need.

4. Workout, dance, sing, go swimming, etc. Get your brain flowing. Whenever I finish a workout, I feel like I can rule the world…after I nap.

5. YouTube motivational speakers. My personal favorite is Joel Osteen because his view of life is so beautiful and his words hold true for all of us. He is quite the religious preacher, but it is nice to hear him speak even if you are not religious.

6. Fake it till you make it (I know, weird concept). When you tell yourself that you’re going to accomplish your dreams and get to where you picture yourself, you start believing it. And when you start believing it, it’ll come true. No dream is too big. 

7. Look good, feel good is the motto I live by. If you say you don’t like dressing up in nice clothes, nice shoes with your hair done…then you’re lying. Dressing well always lifts my mood, and I know I can say the same for other people. 


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