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The Golden Rule: Is It Gold Forever?


In elementary school, your teachers always had a set of rules to tell you on the first day. “Don’t speak when I am speaking.” “Raise your hand.” Then, there was the “Golden Rule”- treat others how you want to be treated. We are told this throughout our lives in school, sports and even the workplace. But when does the rule stop applying?

There’s different views to this “Golden Rule.” For example, should your enemies be treated how you want to be treated? We all wanted to be treated well, correct? What about the people who kick you when your down, or are just so mean and envious of you; are you supposed to give them the time of day? I say, don’t go out of your way to say hello to them. If you meet eyes or cross each others paths, kill them with kindness. That’s MY golden rule. Smile, say hello nicely, even if you don’t mean it. Nothing kills your enemies more than seeing you happy.

The “Golden Rule” should apply when it comes to your friends, as well as your family. These are the people that deserve nothing but the highest respect from you, with some exceptions. Your friends are (or should be) the people that lift you higher and only higher. Your family is there for a shoulder to cry on. Together, my friends and family create the group titled “the best damn people in my life…” So, the best damn people in my life are going to be treated like ‘gold’ and the people that aren’t in this subgroup will just be treated how they treat me, whatever that may be.

Personally, I don’t like to be treated like shit. Don’t talk down to me, don’t talk over me, and support my decisions regardless of you agreeing with them or not. Since I have these expectations of the people around me, I tend to believe that these people have the same expectations. I want to be spoiled with loyalty and care by my friends and family because I have nothing but a strong love for these people. If you don’t show me the same love then the “Golden Rule” does not apply to you. I write this as I analyze the certain relationships with people in my life, good and bad. I need to change my ways when it comes to showing some people high respect and showing people little respect.

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