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My Sexless Year and What it Taught Me About Friendship


They say your college years are the time of your life. The years when you go wild, experiment with boys, girls, grandmas, brothers of your best friend, and wake up in bed in Manhattan. You do it all now because after college it’s frowned upon to.

This month I celebrated my one-year anniversary of the last time I had sex; my last year as a college student and a full year of no one night stands, quickies in the library parking lot, or in the middle of the soccer field. If you think your hormones rage in your teens, there’s nothing like raging hormones in your 20s. Throw some alcohol into the mix and you may catch yourself making out with the wardrobe in your friend’s dorm room.

I’m not saying that I didnt have that one last year of bad decisions and a few mistakes, thanks to my friend Mr. Fireball (like hooking up in a bar till 6am) but not having sex brought me closer to people I had in my life that I had taken for granted during the hours of 11 p.m. to 3 a.m.

They say nothing good happens after 2 a.m. It’s the time when you text your ex boyfriend, the hookup from six months ago you still stay in touch with only when you’re drunk, or the snap chats you send to ex hookups even though they don’t even live in the same state as you.

This last year taught me that good things can happen after 2 a.m. if you’re with the right people.

When you stop going out with the hopes you’ll find the man of your dreams, or have the wildest Christian Grey sex with that soccer boy, is when you start having the best nights of your college life. Why should some guy get to take the night away from you? Sure, maybe a guy can make a night more fun but when you wake up in the morning and regret it as you’re eating your egg whites with your girlfriends trying to piece the night together like the world’s hardest jigsaw puzzle, you wonder why you did it in the first place.

The best things happened to me after 2 a.m. this past year. It’s when I made the best memories with people I realized gave me more love than any boy ever will (unless he’s Zac Efron circa “17 Again”), and you realize that these people know you better than anyone else. They know that when you’re drunk, you love Ellio’s Pizza (see 5 BAEs Every Gay Should Have); the songs that always put a smile on your face, that watching Disney Movies with a box of Franzia is better than any date a boy could take you on (unless he’s Zac Efron singing “Can I Have This Dance” to you), and that, no matter where in the world you go that night or what you do, their couch is always made up for you ready for you to crash your little blacked-out head on (and they even take off your shoes for you too).

They say your college years are the time of your life, and they’re right. In ten years from now you won’t remember the name of that hook-up from a Labor Day white-out party, but you will remember the names of the people who walked you home. And those are the people I want in my life forever.


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