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Two Ways to Fill Your Labor Day with Fun!


This Labor Day weekend, will you be at Dragon Con or Imagine Music Festival?
Both events will be held in Atlanta, with Dragon Con being hosted in five hotels downtown, and Imagine at Masquerade Music Park.

So, which one do you choose to attend?

Are you into science fiction? Do you enjoy playing video games? Do you constantly rave about your favorite fantasy character? Do you like to dress up as various characters from comic series? Dragon Con may be the event for you this Labor Day! Dragon Con is a 4-day event starting August 29th and ending September 1st and lasts from Friday at 10am around the clock until 5pm on Monday. Because you’ll be in Atlanta, there is a lot to do around the event as well, with plenty of shopping and dining places to explore! Part of the fun at Dragon Con are all of the costumes that people have put together (some have taken a lot of time on their costume, while others maybe not). There are less than 3 days before the event starts, so go online to and register to become a member and purchase your tickets!

Do you like to dance to loud, bass music in a crowd full of people you don’t know? Are you into EDM? Do you like to make kandi bracelets and trade them with others? Imagine Music Festival might be the option for you this weekend! This is a 2-day event starting Saturday at noon, ending at 11pm, and then starting again Sunday at noon and also ending at 11pm. For all my fellow ravers out there, do not fret- there will be after parties on the vicinity and at the Quad! So don’t miss out on this fun event this weekend! Tickets are still available for purchase at!

Are you still sitting on your couch with no plans for Labor Day weekend? Attend one of these events! Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. You guys can catch me at the Imagine Music Festival!

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