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Finding Your Favorite ‘Stick’


There was a point during Joe DiMaggio’s 56 game hitting streak when somebody stole his lucky bat. Joe and his fans were devastated. How would he be able to continue? The magic was inevitably gone for Joe. Well, luckily the thief returned the bat the following day (not sure why, can you say eBay?), and Joe’s streak continued for a bit longer. But it makes you wonder, what was so magical about that bat? The answer? Everything, for Joe.

They say a good tennis racquet should feel like an extension of your arm. You should be able to visualize where you’d like the ball to go and place it there almost effortlessly. Well, the same goes for Joe’s bat. He felt as though he could grab the oncoming pitch and throw it into an empty part of the field for a hit. Sports aside though, everyone has a ‘favorite stick’ in life. It’s human nature. We seek something that will provide us a mental edge. Without it, our confidence wavers, and self-doubt rears its ugly head. When I say ‘favorite stick’, it is not literally a bat (or maybe it is). It could be our car that we rely on to pick up ladies, or a lucky shirt we wear to job interviews. And it isn’t just a single item. In fact, ‘the stick’ can be as many things as you want it to be. Heck, the more the better. This means you’ll be comfortable in more areas of your life, meaning less silly stuff to be nervous about, and more doing.

When you find your ‘favorite stick’ you’ll know its right. How? It’s called feel. If you wear a size 34 in pants, then a size 36 will feel awfully saggy and a size 32 will suffocate your gut. But a nicely fitting size 34 will give you the comfort necessary to make you more relaxed and productive, which allows you to transfer your energy to things that truly matter. Because, if you’re comfortable in your own skin, you can focus on the more important stuff. Pick the right ‘stick,’ and everyday will feel like a day at the spa. But remember, what feels comfortable to you will not feel that way to everyone. That’s why you should forget about everyone else for the sake of your ‘stick.’ All that matters is if it works for you. Just because you see Adam Levine with a great 5 o’clock shadow on his face and luscious tattoos everywhere else, doesn’t mean you should throw away your Norelco Titanium and head to the nearest tattoo parlor. The look works for him, but think, will it work for you? Chances are you won’t end up with a Victoria’s Secret model by your side, and that’s okay. You’ll just end up a tired old hipster living in Silver Lake, and singing falsetto covers 2 nights a week at your neighborhood wine bar (at least they invite me back).

Finding your ‘favorite stick’ works for lady folk too. You ever meet a girl who instantly connects with you, but after a few weeks it just doesn’t feel right? We’ve all been there. No, there’s nothing wrong with you. She just lacks feel, and comfort. She’s the wrong ‘stick’ bro! It’s no one’s fault. Don’t be upset. Move on, and meet another. Find the girl that fits, like a perfect bat. Hey, even DiMaggio found Marilyn Monroe. And then he realized she wasn’t right and moved on.

Point being, your ‘favorite stick’ doesn’t have to be an inanimate object. It can be a relationship too. Either way, go with what feels right. Whether in life or in relationships, you need to find your ‘favorite sticks.’ Yes, plural, hopefully.

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