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3 Things You Never Say To A Lady


The whole Ray Rice thing has got me to thinking…

In general, guys don’t know how to treat ladies anymore. I’m not equating every dude out there to Ray Rice by any means, but even in simple ways I see a lot of men drop the ball. I call it male bafoonery.

In commercials, I see men being portrayed as patsy morons. Even walking the streets of LA (okay, from my car) I see moronic behavior. Guys not holding the door open for others, especially for women and the elderly. Guys using “like” as a descriptor in every sentence. This male buffoonery is one of the few things that makes me irate. So put an end to it please.

Here are 3 places you can start.


1. “You Could Stand To Lose A Few lbs”

Obviously, any conversation about weight will end badly for you. Even if she asks, you need to change the subject as quickly as possible. Just evade.


2. “I’m Right and You’re Wrong”

A man is never right when arguing with a woman, even if he is. Don’t shove your opinion (even if it is correct) down her throat, because a woman can never be wrong about anything. It will destroy her world and she will go into denial. So out of respect, don’t do this to her.

Plus all of the guys I know who vocalize strong opinions around women are single. There’s definitely a connection here.


3. “Will You Pick Up The Bill For Me?”

This may sound a bit antiquated, but it’s not. Even if she makes more money than you, it matters not. You are offering to pay, and that is that.

Key word here is ‘offering.’ Not saying you have to throw your card on the table and scream at the top of your lungs until she caves in. But at least offering displays a nice touch of chivalry that she will ultimately appreciate.

There you go guys. Get out there and use some common sense for once. Just because it is 2014, doesn’t mean you have to act like the rest of the male buffoonery USA.

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