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Valentine’s Day Review: How I Did It Right


It’s not a holiday! Stupid Hallmark! It’s made up, damn it!

….Says every one of my single friends. But for those of us with a female at our side, we know that Valentine’s Day is VERY REAL, and it can quite literally make or break a young relationship. Studies show that majority of breakups occur in mid-February. Coincidence? Umm, sure. I’ll keep telling my single friends that to make them feel better.

So, how did I “do it right?” It started earlier in the week, with… a stomach flu. Unfortunate, yes. Did I let it destroy me? Thou thinketh not. Because come Friday, when I still could barely eat a full meal, I put my feelings for my lady first.

My original plan was to take her to dinner, then a nightcap at the bar where we first met. But as is the case with many of life’s finer moments, they come when we least expect them. Because after the dinner, we passed by a theater. It was an older, hipster sort of theater. Because of this, it fit beautifully in Santa Monica. The film of the night was Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Gotta love it.

As fate would have it, we passed by right at its 7:30 start time. It didn’t take long to coerce her to see it, although I obviously wanted to see it more (don’t judge). And there we went, into the hipster paradise. Hepburn never disappoints.

We had a great time because we were both on the same page. People say it’s up to the guy to decide the itinerary for big days like the V, but I disagree. Sometimes the guy needs to let spontaneity make his decisions. In this case, it was the way to go. Because, not only did I have a great night, but I learned something about my relationship. If you didn’t learn something about YOUR relationship, then you didn’t do Valentine’s Day right. Brian, out. #toughlove

P.S. – I also got her flowers and a teddy bear. Go me.

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