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Bonjour Homme: A Sexy Man’s Guide to 2014 Paris Fashion Week


For those of you who do not know, Paris Fashion Week happened recently. For most American men, this kind of information is not even on the radar (especially with the hype leading up to today’s Super Bowl). Lucky for all you males, I have the style highlights. In menswear, it is hard to completely re-design what has already been made. However, this year I have been pleasantly surprised. If you ever wonder how to dress, you should take notes from Thom Browne, Hermès, Ami, Saint Laurent, and their Fall 2014 collections.

The most interesting show would definitely be Thom Browne. His story line portrayed the hunter vs. the hunted (something every backwoods man revels when in camo). Flipping through the outfits, I was always surprised by the look that came next. It was far from boring and the entire concept was creative. It translated well into what men would actually want to wear (after axing the headpieces, of course). Runway shows are strictly shows. Their main purpose is to captivate the press and viewers, and to draw in consumers. The pieces, of course, would be simplified and more wearable once a buyer has an interest. If you are not intimidated by the high fashion of the headpieces and story line, this collection should be one that is viewed for the mere sense of creativity.

(Thom Browne)

(Thom Browne)

In contrast, Hermès brought more of the formal designs to Paris Fashion Week. Véronique Nichanian, artistic director for Hermès, mixed different fabrics together creating a more technological approach to their standards of incredible craftsmanship. Hermès, in general, is known throughout history as one of the greatest fashion houses since 1837. They are renowned for their leather and use of it in their luggage and handbags.  Their craftsmanship has exceeded well past accessories. Each design is sophisticated and extremely high quality. Basically, guys, check this collection out. THESE are the outfits that make girls take a double take (something all men not-so-secretly want). Think business, dates, and special occasions.

Another extremely well-designed collection to draw inspiration from “for everyday wear,” or formal clothes, is from Ami. He stays true to the trends – oversized overcoats that can easily be worn casually and formally – but also continually has sophisticated lines. In a nutshell, these clothes do not need translation from the runway to everyday. They can easily be worn without any changes. This is in stark contrast from Alexander McQueen’s collection. As fashion forward and creative as it is, I do not know very many men who would walk around with another man’s face on their jacket.

If these designers do not give you any ideas about what to wear, never fear. Especially for those of you who have galas and country club occasions to attend. Saint Laurent is revolutionizing the idea of formal. Saint Laurent is not only bringing back patterns, but also very thin ties that have square bottoms. Although this is not entirely trending with other designers, others did focus on patterns and word play. These trends will continually pop up throughout the fall whether it be a high-end designer or a mass production brand.

(Saint Laurent)

(Saint Laurent)

With this in mind, you can look like a sexy Parisian man on the hunt. Whether it is everyday attire, a double take on the street, or a sophisticated outfit among classy company, we have you covered.


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