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I Found You


We said good-bye, or at least we just stopped talking. It seems that how most modern-day love stories start their end. I thought I loved you, but I really didn’t like you. You portrayed a collected façade that only hid shattered pieces that no one really knew how to mend together. I believed things would get better sooner than later, but I think the lies to myself got the best of me.


It took time to realize the damage that you created and the sorrow that you lived through. The mirror was your finest frien-emy because it was there for you when you looked perfect, but showed the ugly truth when you were alone. I developed a hatred towards you, but I was so numb I didn’t feel pain or sick type pleasure. I felt nothing when I looked at you.


You cared about your friends and family. Everyone else, except for me. You discarded me and looked at me with disdain. Satisfaction wasn’t in your vocabulary, but how could it be if you didn’t know the meaning of it anyway. I lost you, but you really didn’t want to be found.


I searched through all the wreckage you left in your path. Through all the barriers and obstacles, I found you in all your sorrow. I thought I lost you forever, but somehow there was light. We cleaned up the mess that was created together, with help from those who mattered most.


I found your better self again. I looked in the mirror and found you- I found me. My hatred for you deceased, and the love for myself, for you, was rekindled. Our modern day love story started a sequel, but I’m still writing our future. My love for myself never ended, it was just lost for a bit. I discovered my better self within me and my reflection is one that proves it.

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Samantha is a sugar-loving, California-girl, fulfilling her dreams in Boston. She graduated from the College of the Holy Cross in 2010 with a Sociology degree, and uses her background to thoroughly people watch at the airport. Her gypsy-soul brought her back to Beantown after calling Connecticut and Texas home during her post-college years. You can follow her on Instagram or Twitter: @SammySurface.