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Best Fictional Vacation Destinations


2014 is the year to start thinking outside the box for your summer vacation. Consider some of these intriguing fictional destinations for a most memorable trip.


The Shire


With beautiful scenery and legendary charm, the Shire is the perfect destination for those who enjoy a Bed and Breakfast type vibe. Or, I should say Bed and Second Breakfast. You can kick back with a pint and a pipe. Everyone is very friendly and knows how to party. Though, you may find accommodations a little, um, cramped.


King’s Landing


If you like to do some exploring while you’re away, King’s Landing is full of adventure and excitement. It’s a gorgeous city with a tremendous history. Be sure to get a tour from the city’s most “informed” guide, Varys. If you like to drink you’re in good company, King’s Landing is full of lushes. Just be careful not to lose your head.




If you’re a sucker for breathtaking landscapes, consider vacationing on Naboo. Sprawling hills, grassy fields, epic mountains, waterfalls, Naboo is an Instagram fanatic’s dream. Generally speaking, Naboo is a peaceful and relaxing place. Just do your best to avoid the excruciatingly obnoxious Jar Jar Binks. Nothing ruins a movie, I mean a vacation, like Jar Jar Binks.


The Enterprise

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For those who enjoy a nice vacation cruise, try the Enterprise. The Enterprise is a lot like a cruise, only it’s a spaceship and instead of visiting islands you visit planets. It’s also probably safer. Take an interstellar adventure with Starfleet’s finest crew lead by Captain Kirk. So long as you avoid the Wrath of Khan you’ll have a lovely trip.


 The Capitol


If you’re yearning to go somewhere trendy and cutting-edge, look no further than the Capitol. Get ready to shop ’til you drop because the Capitol is very fashion forward. The people of the Capitol are all about the nightlife and if you enjoy a quality fine dining experience, the Capitol will provide you with some of the most exquisite food imaginable. Don’t worry about getting full, you can always just throw up to make more room! Not like anyone in Panem is starving or anything!


Diagon Alley

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) (Screengrab)

If you like to collect knickknacks and trinkets, a trip to the whimsical Diagon Alley will surely be one to remember! Stop in Ollivanders to check out the impressive selection of wands or Weasley Wizard Wheezes if you’re a practical joker. If you have a sweet-tooth, visit Sugarplum’s Sweets Shops or the famous Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour. Entry to Diagon Alley might be a little exclusive, but I hear if you buy Hagrid a few Butterbeers at the Leaky Cauldron he’ll get you in.


Jurassic Park


Nothing says summer vacation like a theme park. Who doesn’t love Dinosaurs? Dinosaurs are awesome. At Jurassic Park you can see real dinosaurs that are alive and hungry! Plus at Jurassic Park you get to learn about like, science and all that stuff. Fun and educational. What could go possibly wrong?

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